Monday, April 12, 2010


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I've decided to write a different bloggy-blog. I'll take subjects that get a bad rap (in my eyes) and provide my defense....conversely, I'll rant about things that I feel are a tad unjust or, simply, overrated.

Enjoy....and disagree/agree if you feel the need.


Thursday, April 01, 2010

40 Years......

What I've Learned.....or THINK I've Learned...

The Blog is back after a hiatus. Just needed to break away a bit. I'm starting a new blog soon, but, until I get that all together, here's a short list of axioms, beliefs, things, ideas, sayings, what-nots, ifs, and, what-have-you's.....that I've collected over my 40-years on Earth.

1) It was a lot more fun getting fatter than staying thin. Disagree? Go eat a tree and knock out some reps. Good for you. I can guarantee you I had more fun than you did. Even when you were out boozin', you knew, deep down, you were going to have to 'work off those calories later'. Me? Never.

Now, however, the bill has come due. I feel like Dorothy at the end of Wizard of Oz. "Oh, Kentucky Fried Chicken, I'll miss you most of all...". The fun won't stop, but, it just might not be quite as reckless (and, we all know that reckless fun is the best kinda fun).

2) Here are some things that I love, that, at first, I was reluctant to try: my dog, Guinness, Las Vegas, buffalo wings, sales (most of the time), volunteerism, my Ipod, my blog, Facebook, The Simpsons (yep. didn't want to like it because it was too popular.....that was short-lived), Alanis Morrisette, Jesse Ventura (as a politician), getting a cellphone, playing guitar, karaoke, bass fishing (I'm more of a "sit on your ass and wait for the catfish to bite", type of guy), The Office (The American version) and iced tea.

I'm sure there's more, but, that's all my brain can handle today.

3) I have been a Beatles fan since I was born and it never stopped. How can that be? I've gone through phases with other bands, etc., but, I just never got over my Beatles fanship. I'm sure it has to do with all of the memories associated with each song, but, even then, I don't know why I just didn't get tired of it? They broke up the month I was born. It doesn't make sense!

4) I really lucked out on my marriage. I definetely "outkicked my coverage" when it comes to my wife. Anybody who knows her and knows me will agree with this assessment.

However, in my defense, I do offer some wonderful husbandly benefits - I know my way around a grill, my last name isn't Dick, I tolerate her 'trainwreck TV' shows, I clean bathrooms, my sarcasm comes in handy when dealing with the condo association and I never undercook meat.

You won the jackpot, honey.

5) Live and let live. I've done the opposite of many - I've gotten less conservative as I've gotten older. Just from experiences in life, I realize I'd rather be given the freedom to be myself. I think most people out there want the same thing, so, hey.......'live and let live' and all that crap.

Leave people alone and give them more freedom and rights. It'll make everyone a lot less tense and maybe, just maybe, people will start actually listening to each other's hopes and dreams and try to make them happen.....maybe.

6) I love my dog more than most people. Don't like that? Tough shit. My dog doesn't cut me off in traffic, doesn't screw me out of money, isn't passive-aggressive, loves me even if I'm a complete asshole, doesn't text while driving, doesn't ask for a sales forecast, isn't surfing for underage girls, won't start a pyramid scheme, can't beat me up, wakes me up with a little nudge of the nose, doesn't kidnap tourists, won't behead people for not believing in his religion, won't electrocute people to make them 'fight ready' and...would actually go up to Michael Vick and kiss his face.

Need any more on that?

7) Hollywood and Coporate America aren't that much different. For all of the theater-types that condemn corporations for 'keeping the little man down', they tend to not hold Hollywood studios to the same standard. Movie/TV studios won't give you a job unless you know somebody or are related to someone. Sound familiar? Studios make you submit your work to a group for review, string you out for years, promise that they'll consider your work carefully, and, then.....not give you any work because Ivan Reitman's kid wanted the job instead.

Instead, theater-types and creative hopefuls will give Hollywood a pass. Why? Because, deep-down, they want to be inside that world. They don't want to be inside the 'corporate world' because that's lame (or evil). Yet, they'll laugh too hard at the executive producer's joke, they'll kiss the asses of those that can advance their career and.......sounding more familiar?


8) My creative career has been more work than my corporate career. And, it's not even close. My sales job has been a walk in the park compared to working with agents, investors, actors, fund-finders, producers, film crews, business partners, budgets, executive producers, theater administration, rentals, tickets, programs, stage construction, media promotion, voice work......

and, I'm not complaining. I don't mind the work, but, man (in reference to #7), it would have been a lot nicer if I just could have been related to the studio head at Universal.

Fortunately, we're going to get a project done that has been almost 8 years in the making. It's exciting as hell, and a bit took up most of my thirties!

Enjoy the movie (when it comes out.........)